Hunger Free NYC

Hunger Free NYC is the New York City Affiliate of Hunger Free America
Currently, Hunger Free NYC Serves Low-Income New Yorkers Through the Following Programs:

-Benefits Access-

Benefits Access staff help local families access SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, leveraging millions of dollars each year to fill up grocery carts. It also distributes more than 200,000 Neighborhood Guides to Food & Assistance, which are published in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, & Russian.

How to Reach the Benefits Access Team:

Hunger Free NYC's Bronx office is located at 938 Sheridan Ave, Bronx, NY,10451 and is open Monday - Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Call our Benefits Access team to make an in-person appointment or to receive SNAP and WIC assistance over the phone:

English: (646) 355-1475

Spanish: (347) 599-1510

Mandarin/Cantonese: (646) 935-3513  

Russian: (332) 600-5425 

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Increasing Access to Food & Benefits:

Our Benefits Access team busts through red tape to help low-income New Yorkers access vital food benefits. We aid individuals and families through each step of the SNAP application process, from conducting pre-screenings and filing applications to serving as client advocates. We also provide support with recertifications, ensuring that eligible families continue to receive benefits without interruption. Our multi-lingual staff speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Cantonese; enabling us to work across four of the five boroughs in diverse communities.

SNAP / Food Stamps Application & Recertification:

Our Benefits Access team connects eligible individuals with SNAP benefits through application and recertification assistance at sites across the city.

WIC Outreach:
551 women, infants, and children in Staten Island have been enrolled in WIC.png

As part of our work to increase participation in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), we conduct outreach activities at different sites across NYC, as well as prescreenings and referrals to the WIC clinics in order to ensure that each participant who is found eligible has an appointment and all the requirements ready for it. Thanks to a grant that we recently received from Uber Community Impact Initiatives, we are also providing rides to WIC clinics for the most vulnerable moms and children whose transportation might be a barrier. Learn more about the WIC Program.

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Use our NYC Nutrition Benefits Calculator to see if you're eligible now!

After using our Benefits Calculator, call one of our Benefits Specialists for assistance submitting your application:

English: (646) 355-1475

Spanish: (347) 599-1510

Mandarin/Cantonese: (646) 935-3513  

Russian: (332) 600-5425 

Need food now? Click here for our Guides to Food and Assistance!

-NYC Neighborhood Guides to Food and Assistance-

For the past ten years our Benefits Access Department has been distributing these invaluable guides to low-income community members across the city.  To date, it has distributed over 1 million copies of our Neighborhood Guides to Food & Assistance, which are published in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, & Russian. For more information, or to order in bulk, please contact Angelica Gibson at 646-350-3833, or email

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To donate to the Guides to Food and Assistance Program, please go here!

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-Food Action Board Program-

The goal of the FAB (Food Action Board) Program is to enable community members to develop the leadership, advocacy, and community organizing skills to stand up for their rights and speak out on their own behalf. Members play leadership roles in the effort to promote food security and economic opportunity through:

Visiting and lobbying leading elected officials

 Speaking out to the national and local news media

Presenting at and attending community events

These efforts push to create more living wage jobs and ensure that everyone and every neighborhood has access to affordable, nutritious food.

Hunger Free New York City also promotes high-impact volunteerism in the city and nationwide.

Hunger Free New York City also gratefully accepts tax-deductible donations.